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Westfall Mural

The mural in Westfall was created in 2023 by a team of volunteers. The imagery represents a little bit of nostalgia for the past hustle and bustle of the Westfall community, and also the new energy for the future of the community with young families once again moving to the area. The community was founded in 1910. Featured are several business buildings, rolling hills, wheat, cattle, a tree with names of the volunteers that painted hidden in the tree trunk, and also lyrics from “Home on the Range” across the top. Viewable during daylight hours. Mural artist is Sara Smith, with help from talented volunteers.

Address: Elk Drive, Westfall, Kansas
Directions to Westfall: From Highway 14, turn east on Elk Drive (the correction line curve with a county blacktop road) approximately 7.5 miles east.

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