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WEB Fund Grants

The Windpower Economic Benefit (WEB) Fund was created to support the interests, educational, social betterment and overall safety of Lincoln County communities, non-profits, and the local county government. The WEB Fund contributes to local projects with preference given to projects that identifies a distinct need, proposes a resourceful approach to address the need, and demonstrates the ability to accomplish the measurable result during a set time frame.

Contribution requests are accepted on a continuous basis throughout the year and reviewed quarterly. However, due to budget or time constraints, requests may be declined or deferred to the following year. Although special meetings may be called in some instances, requests with time constraints should allow ample time for the review process.

All requests for WEB fund contributions are reviewed by a WEB Fund Committee. The committee evaluates each request and/or proposal based on, but not limited to, the WEB Fund’s guidelines. Applicants who do not meet funding guidelines and/or proposals without sufficient information will normally be declined.

Contribution Application forms are available at the Lincoln County Economic Development Foundation office at 216 E. Lincoln Avenue in Lincoln, call 785-524-8954, or by email



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