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TJ & Sheri Jonsson

TJ and Sheri Jonsson are Rural by Choice (Courtesy Photo)

It was 14 years ago when TJ and Sheri Jonsson moved to Lincoln so TJ could take a physical therapy position with the Lincoln County Hospital. His wife Sheri serves as a dietitian and nutritionist at nearby Ellsworth County Medical Center, and she says the proximity to Wilson Lake, the beautiful rolling hills and limestone fences, and quality schools are just a few of the reasons they choose to call Lincoln home.

“We love the quietness, the fresh air, the four seasons, the wildlife, the clear lake close by and the beautiful rolling hills,” Sheri said. “As we have lived here for 14 years, we have come to know and enjoy the people and families.”

In addition to the schools, Sheri cited several other amenities offered by the community.

“We are proud of the school system, the administration and the teachers; the remodeled Carnegie Library and Lincoln County Hospital; and improvements in the Fire Department,” Sheri said. “Lincoln County has numerous volunteers that strive to help the county prosper.”
Sheri says the rural lifestyle suits her family just fine.

“Rural living in Lincoln County is wide open blue skies, beautiful sunsets and sunrises, starry night skies, even in town, quiet neighborhoods, excellent schools, personalized health care, and affordable housing.”

But she doesn’t stop there.

“Everything is within walking distance. Business owners know your name and are glad you came in. No traffic jams. No air pollution. No high crime rate. A terrific place to go to church and raise your family.”

That’s a long list of reasons that TJ, Sheri, and sons Bjorn and Gabriel, are Rural by Choice.

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