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South Fork Spillman Creek Double-Arch Bridge

The unique double-arched limestone bridge is located nine miles norht of Sylvan Grove on Highway 181 at the south fork of Spillman Creek and was placed on the Register of Historic Kansas Places in 2004. This 1908 greenhorn fencepost limestone structure was saved by local historians after it was abandoned by the Kansas Department of …

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Lincoln County Courthouse

The current Lincoln County Courthouse was constructed after the original 1873 stone building, built by Myron D. Green, was completely destroyed by fire on the night of December 7, 1898. Three architects were considered for the new courthouse and after examining their plans, C.W. Squires of Emporia was employed. Squires estimated the construction would cost …

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Lincoln Carnegie Library

Lincoln Carnegie Library

Built in 1914, The Lincoln Carnegie Library is one of 59 libraries built in Kansas by philanthropist Andrew Carnegie. Today, it is just one of 25 still in use for that purpose. The beautiful post rock limestone building was expanded in 2008-09, with a modern elevator, reading room, Kansas/Lincoln County room, and meeting room. New …

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Evangelical Lutheran School

Evangelical Lutheran School in Sylvan Grove

The Evangelical Lutheran School is located on the east edge of Sylvan Grove, directly north of the Bethlehem Lutheran Church. The two-and-a-half-story building reflects the Prairie School style of architecture and is constructed of native limestone, a common material in this area during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The school is associated with …

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Danske Evangelical Lutheran Church

The Denmark Evangelical Lutheran Church was built from greenhorn fencepost limestone quarried by hand in 1878. Sunday services are still held here. The bell tower and south entry were added in 1901. The Lutheran cross, carved of native limestone, first stood on the roof over the doorway. In 1901 when the tower and entry were …

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Kyne House Museum

Built by Lincoln resident Timothy Kyne in 1885, the Kyne House is furnished entirely with furniture and other decor from that era. One of the first limestone houses built in the county, the Kyne House is listed on the Kansas Registry of Historic Places and is part of the Lincoln County Historical Museum Complex. Address: …

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Cummins Block Building – Post Rock Scout Museum & Crispin’s Drug Store Museum

Advocacy award

The Cummins Block is individually listed in the National Register of Historic Places. It is an excellent example of a two-story commercial building of native limestone with dominant round-arched window openings and a bracketed stone cornice. Address: 161 E. Lincoln Ave, LincolnListed in the National Register of Historic Places: 03-24-2000Architecture Classification: Late Victorian: Italianate See …

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Crispin’s Drug Store Museum

Jack Crispin, a long-time pharmacist who owned and operated Crispin Pharmacy in Lincoln for many years, opened Crispin’s Drug Store Museum in 2007. The museum, which is brimming with Crispin’s vast pharmacy artifacts collection, recreates the drugstore atmosphere at the turn of the 20th Century when pharmacists were transitioning from preparing ingredients and products from …

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Post Rock Scout Museum

Opened in 2004, Lincoln resident Kathie Crispin, a life-long Girl Scout and leader, created the Girl Scout Museum with her own collection of scouting memorabilia. Dedicated to the preservation of historical  artifacts of various scouting organizations,  the museum features exhibits devoted to Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Pioneer Girls, Campfire Girls and other similar youth organizations. …

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