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Finch Theatre awning replaced, new LED sign installed

A new lighted sign was installed at the Finch Theatre in Lincoln in January and the new awning was installed in November. This project was made possible by a grant from the Post Rock Community Foundation.

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The Finch Theatre: Twenty-five years later, a shining example of volunteerism at its best

In this photo from October of 1996 Tom Watson, Arturo Campas, Jerry Kruse, Terry Finch and Chris Meyer work on the renovation of the Finch Theatre fl oor. (Photo courtesy Charlene Jones)

In 2017, the Finch Theatre is a community hub, showing the latest movies on the big screen every weekend and hosting a children’s theatre production each summer. The adjacent Community Room is used for everything from dance classes and wedding receptions to community fundraisers and business meetings. This feature takes a look back at the spirit of volunteerism and coming together of all the communities in Lincoln County to renovate and build the Finch Theatre as we know it today.

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Finch Theatre

The Finch Theatre began as a community project that addressed the Lincoln County residents’ desire for an entity that would not only meet entertainment needs but serve as a location where individuals of all ages could enjoy the company of others while cultivating the arts. Services they provide include weekend movie showings, the option of …

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