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Multiple rental properties in Lincoln, KS – For Sale by Owner

A number of rental properties in Lincoln, KS, are available for sale, which could provide an entrepreneur a unique opportunity to purchase one, two, or more houses, as a long-term investment and potential secondary source of income.

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1026 N 6th Street – Lincoln, KS – For LEASE

The former Pizza Hut in Lincoln, KS, is an ideal opportunity for an individual who loves food and enjoys the small town rural lifestyle. Currently, the community has no dining option after 2pm on a regular daily basis. ESRI Market Profile data reports show a $290,479 gap in dining sales within a 5 minute radius of Lincoln’s zip code. With the Pizza Hut’s recent closure, there is even more demand and opportunity!

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2018 Economic Year in Review

2018 Lincoln County Economic Year in Review

At the end of every year, I always like to reflect on the past year’s economic activity.  It’s my way to take a mental ‘deep breath’ before recharging the brain and entering the new year full steam ahead. Here’s my list of happenings over the past year

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It’s a marathon, not a sprint

2017 Economic Review

We can all agree that economic development doesn’t happen overnight. “It’s a marathon, not a sprint”, as the saying goes. With the end of another year upon us, here’s a quick recap of the strides we have made in our marathon towards a stronger county.

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Up a creek, with a paddle: Hell Creek Watersports


A chance meeting turns a dream into a reality when a watersports enthusiasts and a bait and supply shop owner join forces to start Hell Creek Watersports, a kayak, canoe and paddleboard equipment rental business | Photo credit: Jolie Green, Hays Daily News

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Lincoln Auto Supply moves up town

Lincoln Auto Supply

After 43 years, Bob Batchman transitions his auto parts business to new ownership but remains a mainstay in the downtown business district. | Photo credit: Kelly Larson

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181 Ag Supply receives funding for business development

181 Ag Supply

181 Ag Supply, based in Sylvan Grove, is among five recipients of the Kansas Department of Commerce JumpStart Kansas Entrepreneur Program.

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Three Amigos Mexican Restaurant opens in downtown Lincoln

The Three Amigos Mexican Restaurant opened its doors on March 1st bringing authentic flavors and family recipes, handed down from generation to generation, to the county. | Photo credit: Kelly Larson

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Paw Print offers students entrepreneurial education

A new program at Lincoln High School is not only giving students a chance to gain real-world experience, but an opportunity to pay it forward. | Photo credit: Preston Howard

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On target – Local competitions, training help long-range shooters hone their skills

For the shooting enthusiast, there’s nothing more exciting than hitting a target from a distance of more than five football fields away. At businesses like Spearpoint Ranch north of Lincoln, shooters have the opportunity to practice and hone their skills to make each shot. | Photo courtesy Spearpoint Ranch

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Busy as bees

On a still and quiet day, you can hear the sound of thousands of bees. All working, coming from and going to stacks of white boxes — all labeled Labertew Apiaries, Sylvan Grove, KS. | Photo credit: Nick Schwien, Hays Daily News

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Reclaimed items give new Lincoln floral and gift shop a ‘Rustic’ feel

Though the bones forming the framework of the new Rustic Floral and Gifts building are new, many of the elements Lincoln business owner Angela O’Bannon incorporated into the shop’s interior design are not. | Photo credit: Kelly Larson

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Seirer’s earns spot on trendy fashion website

Seirer’s Clothing, a unique, fashion-forward retail shop in Lincoln, has caught the attention of Shoptiques, a premiere online website in New York City serving to connect discerning fashionistas with chic boutiques worldwide | Photo credit: Fernando Rojas

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Mrs. B’s Greenhouse & Nursery opens just in time for spring

Mrs. B’s Greenhouse & Nursery opens just in time for spring offering flowering annual and perennial varieties, vegetables, trees and shrubs

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Career Day exposes area high school students to local career options

Career Day exposes area high school students to local career options | Photo by Jason Curtis

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