Seeking bids for Roof, Floor and Basement

The Lincoln County Economic Development Foundation (LCEDF) is accepting sealed bids for the following work to be completed on a vacant property located at 127 W Lincoln Avenue in Lincoln, KS. Current photos are provided in the following attachment:

1) Roof – Remove and replace all damaged/rotted roof trusses, remove and replace portions or all of the roof deck, and install a new roof with gutters and downspouts. Different roofing materials will be considered. The Contractor must describe their proposed roof replacement. Dumpster provided, hauling and disposal fees to be paid directly by the LCEDF

2) Floor – Remove the entire floor and subfloor down to the floor joists, remove and replace the primary support beam (either with wood or steel), build an opening for a future stairway, and lay a temporary plywood floor. Plywood to be purchased directly by the LCEDF at Lincoln Building Supply. Dumpster provided, hauling and disposal fees to be paid directly by the LCEDF

3) Basement – Remove dirt or push dirt towards the front (north) portion of the basement in order to increase headroom in the back (south) 20’ of basement, pour a 4” thick concrete floor at the back 20’ of basement (approx. 20’-3” x 20’), pour footings for any supports needed for an opening for a future stairway.

Interested Contractors may submit bids on one, two or all the work categories listed above. If bids are submitted for multiple categories, the bid must be broken down by category and not by one total lump sum.

Interested Contractors should contact Kelly Larson, LCEDF Director, with questions and to tour the building at 785-524-8954 or [email protected]

Bids will be accepted until 4:30 p.m. on Friday, August 11, 2020. Bids must be sealed and mailed or hand delivered to: LCEDF, Attn: Kelly Larson, 216 E Lincoln Avenue, Lincoln, KS 67455. Bids will be opened at the LCEDF’s August Board of Trustees meeting on August 12.

Approved contractors will need to provide an IRS W-9 form, proof of worker’s compensation, proof of liability insurance, references, and any warranty information before beginning work. Approved contractors must also sign a release and waiver of liability.

The LCEDF reserves the right to 1) choose different contractors for different work categories, 2) choose the best contractor based upon bid proposal, contractor experience, workmanship warranty and date of completion. Therefore, the lowest bid does not guarantee the contractor will be awarded the project. The LCEDF reserves the right to reject any and all proposals received.

Lincoln County Economic Development Foundation
Kelly Larson
[email protected]
(785) 524-8954