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Scenic Drive – Beverly/Barnard

Enjoy the best of the Smoky Hills with this 12-mile gravel road drive.

From Beverly: Go west on K-18 a 1/2 mile then turn north on 280th Rd and drive for 7 miles. Road curves west on Sage Rd for 1 mile then curves north again on 270th Rd. Drive north 4 miles. Road intersects with Wheat Drive, a blacktop road. Barnard is 2 miles to the west.

From Barnard: Drive 2 miles east on county blacktop road Wheat Drive. Turn south at 270th Rd for 4 miles. Road curves east on Sage Rd for 1 mile then curves south again on 280th Rd. Drive south 7 miles until meeting K-18. Beverly is 1/2 mile east.

Barnard-Beverly Rd
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