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Rolling Hills Missile Silo – $1.3M

Former nuclear missile silo in Central Kansas. Incredible 9-acre secluded property with a 15-mile view. Underground space ready to finish. This facility was built in 1960 at a cost of nearly $150 million. Enough underground space to build an 18-story apartment. Or finish the 2-story launch control center space.

Constructed entirely underground below 9 acres of fenced land and secured by two security gates, the Rolling Hills Star Missile Silo is one of the most hardened structures ever built by man. With 600 tons of steel rebar and nine-foot thick epoxy concrete walls, this former missile site provides protection from a nuclear blast or comparable natural disaster.


Located in an undisclosed location in Central Kansas.

  • 9 beautiful acres of land with high-ground visibility
  • A barbed-wire fence at the driveway and an 8-foot fence with barbed wire surround the main property
  • 1500 by 100-foot-wide deeded driveway, fenced and gated
  • Electric power available
  • Rural District metered water available at the driveway
  • Two sewer systems on the property: one for the surface, one for underground
  • 2,500 sq. ft. space in Launch Control Center, newly painted
  • 52’ wide x 182’ deep silo space
  • Two concrete pads at the surface for building foundation or parking
  • High-speed fiber internet available near the property
  • Humidity control system installed in complex
  • Plenty of room for a large solar field
  • Ideal conditions and space for wind turbine installation
  • Great agricultural climate and plenty of land for garden space
  • High-quality animal grazing property
  • Wildlife abounds; deer, coyotes, pheasant, geese, quail and more

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