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Lincoln County is a great place to enjoy wide-open spaces, big beautiful skies, sunsets, rolling hills, winding country roads, wildlife, and outdoor sporting activities. 

Gurley Salt Marsh in Lincoln County, Kansas
Gurley Marsh
The Gurley Marsh is a natural wetland located in northern Lincoln County approximately where Highways 14 and 284...
Wildlife Watching
Surfing at Wilson Lake (photo by Lori Spear)
Tubing, Waterskiing, Wakeboarding, and Wakesurfing are some of the watersports you'll find happening at Wilson Lake.
Surf's Up
Connie Achterberg Wildlife-Friendly Demonstration Farm in Lincoln County, Kansas
Connie Achterberg Wildlife-Friendly Demonstration Farm
Located southwest of Lincoln at Iron Dr and 170th Rd., it consists of 240 acres with cultivated fields, prairie meadows...
Take a Nature Walk
Kayak Zach at Knotheads Baitshop Wilson Lake
Kayaking at Wilson Lake
Rent a watercraft to enjoy the lake on a kayak, paddleboard or canoe. See the rock formations up close from the water, fish in a quiet spot, or simply enjoy the peaceful views on the lake.
Paddle On
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