Open House Signup

Lincoln County Real Estate Open House

About the Open House:

The Lincoln County Economic Development Foundation (LCEDF) is organizing a countywide Real Estate Open House with the goal of boosting our local real estate market, attracting new residents into the area, and filling a variety of job openings. The day will provide a unique window of opportunity for individuals and families to tour multiple properties and learn more about living and working in Lincoln County. Last year’s pilot event helped to spur a significant uptick in home sales in the months following the event and we hope to do the same this year.



  • Saturday, July 25th, 2020, from 9:00am – Noon

Eligible properties to participate and cost:

  • $50/property – Lincoln County properties (residential, commercial, agricultural, industrial)


  • June 30 – Deadline for realtors and property owners to sign-up their properties in order to fully capitalize on all marketing activities (property info and photos submitted, fees paid)
    • Properties can still be signed up after this date but no discount will be offered
  • July 1-5 – Finalizing the website with all property information and developing marketing materials
  • July 6 – Website goes live, launch of marketing campaign (see below)
  • July 25 – Countywide Real Estate Open House, the day will also include:

Marketing Campaign:

  • Website – with details on all listed properties
  • Facebook Ads – targeting a variety of locations and market segments
  • Facebook Event Page – all participating properties will be promoted through its own post
  • Radio Ads – requires a minimum of 20 participating properties
  • Other local outlets – including press releases to local newspapers, email campaigns, flyers, etc.

How to Participate and Requirements

If you have a property you would like to market through this unique opportunity, please:

  • Fill out the online form and submit quality photos by June 30th, 2020
  • Send your registration fee by June 30th to the LCEDF, 216 E Lincoln Ave., Lincoln, KS 67455
  • Clean, prep and stage your property as needed in preparation for the open house
  • Have your property open and available during the stated time for the open house
  • Have questions or need assistance, contact Kelly at [email protected] or 785-524-8954
  • After the event, complete a survey so we can learn how to improve the event in the future.