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N 20th Rd, Lucas, KS – $1,536,000

Property Location: Located in Lincoln County at the intersection of E Milo Drive and North 20th Road, just a 1 mile north of Highway 18 and 3 miles east of Lucas, KS.
Legal Description: S32, T11, R10, ACRES 637.5, ALL OF SEC LESS RD R/W

This expansive property spans approximately +/-637.50 acres, offering a diverse landscape that includes +/- 370 acres of cultivated dryland and +/- 224 acres of lush pasture. The current owner has taken great care of the pastureland, removing any cedar and yucca plants.

Three ponds grace the pasture, all recently re-dug to ensure ample water source. Even through the historic drought we have been experiencing, all three ponds have maintained adequate water levels for the livestock herds and wildlife species roaming the property. The pasture acres are enclosed by well-maintained barbed wire fencing, requiring minimal upkeep, and also equipped with a catch pen towards the southern end of the pasture. There are two drilled and cased water wells in place, but they remain unused due to the abundant pond water supply. A solar well could easily be installed if additional livestock water was needed to fill the 1,000-gallon stock tank. An additional hand dug water well has been used in recent years, operated by a gas pump, which is located under the old windmill. The convenience of on-site electricity enhances the property’s functionality.

The landscape offers remarkable hilltop vista views, featuring over 160 feet of elevation change and presenting ravines and valleys that serve as ideal travel routes for the area’s impressive White-tailed deer population. The property is also a thriving habitat for prairie chickens, pheasants, and quail, with a favorable blend of habitat, grasses, crops, food sources, and bedding areas that support local wildlife. This property is located in the Central Flyway, just north of Wilson Lake Reservoir. There are thousands of migratory birds that fly over this area, and many of them utilize the ponds to loaf, helping make this property an ideal destination for waterfowl hunting.

Address: N 20th Rd, Lucas, KS 67648
Asking Price: $1,536,000

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