Mary Andersen takes on new role as library director

Mary Anderson is the new director at the Lincoln Carnegie Library following Nancy Jensen's retirement.

Mary Andersen is the new director at the Lincoln Carnegie Library following Nancy Jensen’s retirement. (photo by Kris Heinze)


By Hailey Dixon for the Lincoln Sentinel

After working at the Lincoln Carnegie Library for six years, Mary Andersen is taking a step forward to become the director and continue as children’s librarian.

Nancy Jensen retired after seventeen years as director last month, and Andersen assumed the role after that.

“When I found out Nancy was retiring, I was pretty sad,” Andersen said. “It’s going to be big shoes to fill.”

Andersen said Jensen was “efficient,” and was a great director over the years. Andersen said Jensen was working at the library when it was remodeled about 10 years ago.

In addition to Andersen taking on a new role, Alice Simmons will be the new library assistant, and will also select books for the adult section in the library.

“I’ve always been interested in the library,” said Simmons.

Andersen said the library will continue programming for both children and adults and wants to make programs “something the whole family can do together,” she said.

In addition, the duo would like to “increase usage,” Simmons said, of the library and encourages individuals to check it out. The library offers movies and audiobooks as well, Andersen said.

Simmons said “working with the books and the people” is one of her favorite parts about working at the library.

At this time, they are gearing up for the summer library program, she said. Andersen said she enjoys the program because of getting so many children into the library over the summer.

“[I] just really liked working with kids,” she said.