Lincoln woman starts local catering business

Catering with Grace, founded by Alisha DeWitt, has been providing catering services to Lincoln County since August 2017.

Catering with Grace, founded by Alisha DeWitt, has been providing catering services to Lincoln County since August 2017.

By Hailey Dixon for the Lincoln Sentinel

From sweet, baked apple crisp to smoked, barbecued meats to dairy-free, egg-less chocolate cake, Alisha DeWitt can cook or bake any type of delicious dish that comes her way.

“I love cooking,” DeWitt said. “I love making things pretty.”

DeWitt is the owner and founder of Catering with Grace, a recently established catering company based in Lincoln, serving Lincoln County.

Originally, DeWitt found her passion for catering when she worked as a catering supervisor for two years at Sodexo, a catering company at Kansas Wesleyan University in Salina.

“I fell in love with catering,” she said. “I loved it.”

She decided to switch it up last August, and take her cooking to a new level.

DeWitt’s mother, Terri, who owns Ronnie’s Diner in Lincoln, inquired to see if DeWitt would like to make this a permanent career in Lincoln County.

“So then, Mom asked me if that’s something I wanted to start doing here, and that she would help me get started, and then I could go from there on my own,” she said. “And that’s just what happened.”

Within her catering business, DeWitt, who has been involved in the food industry for over 15 years, creates and designs a customized, homemade menu for each customer based on their desires and needs.

“Basically, what I do is I ask what that customer has in mind,” she said. “And I will tell them yes or no if I can do it. I don’t have like a set menu. And I’m always looking for challenges, so that’s always a plus.”

She said, however, that she does have generic pricing, and gives food suggestions to the customer.

“As far as ideas and things, I give customers ideas if they kinda tell me what they’re looking for,” she said.

Since the start of Catering with Grace in Aug. 2017, DeWitt has furnished food at a variety of events within Lincoln County, including anniversary and Christmas parties, and even Lincoln Reenactment Days, she said. In addition, Kansas State University Research and Extension Post Rock District sought out DeWitt’s food for an event.

“They all seem to love it,” she said.

The Catering with Grace namesake is of DeWitt’s 5-year-old daughter, Grace.

“[Since] she’s part of the name, she thinks it’s pretty cool,” DeWitt said. “Anybody that knows me knows I’m not very graceful outside of work. But when I come to work, I got my i’s dotted and my t’s crossed … so it was kind of an inside joke. And then it helps that my kid’s name is Grace, so it just kind of worked out perfectly.”

Moving forward, DeWitt hopes to continue to serve the people of Lincoln with her catering, as well as expand to other areas.

“I just want to take any events, and no request is too small,” she said. “And just keep building from there; get my name out there, and have people say, ‘you know this is good. Alisha did this.’”

For inquiries or questions about Catering with Grace, contact DeWitt at [email protected].