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Lincoln County is the “Post Rock Capital of Kansas”

Senate Resolution No. 1854 designating Lincoln County as the "Post Rock Capital of Kansas."
Senate Resolution No. 1854 designating Lincoln County as the “Post Rock Capital of Kansas.”

State of Kansas Senate Resolution No. 1854
A Resolution designating Lincoln County, Kansas, as the “Post Rock Capital of Kansas.”

WHEREAS, The native rock now known as fencepost limestone, or more simply post rock, found in central and north-central Kansas has played a fundamental role in the settlement and economic development of that portion of the state; and

WHEREAS, “Post Rock Country” stretches from Ford County northeast to Washington County, into Nebraska. This area covers 5,000 square miles in parts of 21 Kansas counties; and

WHEREAS, Lincoln County is located in the heart of “Post Rock Country;” and

WHEREAS, The early settlers in this timber-scarce area soon discovered the necessity for fences and turned to quarrying fencepost limestone in the 1870’s from the rick resources lying close beneath the surfaces of their homesteads; and

WHEREAS, The wide abundance of the post rock provided a cost-free alternative to the acquisition of expensive lumber where the settler contributed their own labors; and

WHEREAS, Such post rocks are generally uniformly shaped, are of graceful lines and are sturdy and colorful; and

WHEREAS, The regional economy of the are became closely liked to the quarrying of limestone for building stone as well as for fenceposts during a period of time from the 1880s until Word War I; and

WHEREAS, Building with stone declined by 1920, but post rock experienced a return to popularity during the depression of the 1930s and was used considerably in public constructions projects funded by the Works Project Administration; and

WHEREAS, Post rock continued into the modern era as the source of building material for major regional structures, most notable of which are churches and schools; and

WHEREAS, The art of quarrying post rock is still demonstrated in Lincoln County today at an open quarry 6 miles north of Sylvan Grove on Highway 181; and

WHEREAS, A Lincoln County tour company today conducts tours of Post Rock Country that includes a stop at historic Denmark, Kansas, complete with an authentic Danish dinner; and

WHEREAS, Prosperity might have avoided central and north-central Kansas for many years had it not been for the ingenuity and resourcefulness of the settlers in reaping this vast fortune bestowed by nature: Now, therefore,

Be it resolved by the Senate of the State of Kansas: That Lincoln County, Kansas, be designated “The Post Rock Capital of Kansas”; and

Be it further resolved: that the SEcretary of the Senate be directed to send enrolled copies of this resolution to the Lincoln County Board of County Commissioners, Lincoln, Kansas 67455; and Duane, Delmar and Damon Vonada, all at Route 1, Box 95, sylvan Grove, Kansas 67481; Dr. William Knapp, President, Lincoln County Area Chamber of Commerce, Lincoln Kansas 67455, the Lincoln City Council, City Hall, Lincoln, Kansas 67455; the Sylvan Grove City Council, City Hall, Sylvan Grove, Kansas 67481; Victoer Snelten, Chairman, Lincoln County Planning Board, Courthouse, Lincoln, Kansas 67455, the Lincoln Sentinel Republican, 147 West Lincoln, Lincoln, Kansas 67455; and the Lucas-Sylvan News, P.O. Box 337, Lucas, Kansas 67648.

Senate Resolution No. 1854 was sponsored by Senator Ben E. Vidricksen.

I hereby certify that the above RESOLUTION originated in the SENATE, and was adopted by that body

(signed Paul ? Burke ?, President of the Senate.)
(signed L? Kearney?, Secretary of the Senate.)

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