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Lincoln Cemetery Sexton

The City of Lincoln Center is actively seeking a Cemetery Sexton


Under the supervision of the Superintendent and City Clerk, the cemetery sexton assists in selling cemetery spaces, works with Funeral Homes and Gravestone Companies to ensure that permits are applied for at City Hall. City Hall will collect all monies and issue permits and deeds to individuals. The sexton will mark graves prior to setting stones and burials. This position is paid $20.00 per grave or stone marked or space sold.


• Measure and mark burial places for both caskets and urns, working with mortuaries and families
• Measure and mark setting positions for slabs and markers, working with memorial companies
• Contacting grave diggers after marking burial spots
• Showing available spaces in Lincoln Cemetery
• Keeping the “lot books” up to date
• Keeping the “purchase book” up to date
• Signing permits and adding the locations of the graves and the dates of burial and the dates of tombstone settings at
City Hall
• Assist with answering inquiries about previous lot purchases, burial positions and remaining spaces on family lots
• Assist with answering questions about selling back spaces and trying to get people to give them back to the city
• Making sure purchasers know how to pay for their permits and assisting with contacting funeral homes to ensure City is
paid for permits
• Watch for unrecorded burials (this happens more often now that so many are cremated)
• Handling complaints, such as damage to stones, and trying to solve those complaints if possible (i.e., cars hitting
tombstones, etc.)
• Hanging updated burial listings before Memorial Day weekend
• Work with mortuaries to avoid scheduling conflicts

Lincoln City Hall

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