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Labertew Apiaries

Labertew Apiaries was one of eight summer projects that were part of the Downtown Design Assistance Program. The goal of the program is to work with property owners and develop plans to improve their exterior and/or interior spaces. The proposed improvements for Labertew Apiaries are shown below.

Labertew Apiaries – 2018 Downtown Design Assistance Program Project

Labertew Apiaries is a major producer of honey in Kansas, with the heart of their operations happening in downtown Sylvan Grove.  The interns worked with the multi-generational family business to propose improvements that would let the uniqueness of their product shine through on the outside.

Proposed improvements include:

  • Removing the siding to uncover the original storefront
  • Installing a new canvas awning to draw attention to the business
  • Installing new signage to make the business easier to find
  • Painting the metal siding
  • Repairing and repointing the limestone foundation under the storefront

Long-term improvements could include continuing to uncover another section of the building’s original storefront, however, the approach is to focus on the main entrance in order to maximize its impact on the business and downtown.

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