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Wolf Creek Four-Arch Limestone Bridge

This unique four-arched limestone bridge is located straight west of Sylvan Grove approximately four miles on Kiowa Dr., just west of the intersection with 20th Rd.

The deck on the bridge is made of wood, and the side rails are steel, but duck under the bridge and four large limestone arches are revealed to be in great shape. The arches do not span Wolf Creek at this location, they are uniquely set in the same north-south direction of the water flow, while the road is an east-west road.

Contact Emily’s Heritage House in Sylvan Grove for a tour of the bridge.

Address: Approximately four miles west of Sylvan Grove, KS 67481 

Four limestone arches are set in the same direction as the water flow, as opposed to spanning it, for this bridge on Kiowa Rd over Wolf Creek.
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