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Jared Spear & Lisa Simmons

Jared Spear & Lisa Simmons are Rural by Choice in Lincoln County, KS. (Photo by Becky Rathbun)
Jared Spear & Lisa Simmons are Rural by Choice in Lincoln County, KS. (Photo by Becky Rathbun)

Jared Spear and his fiancé Lisa Simmons keep themselves busy with ownership of several businesses in Lincoln County: S&S Autobody Towing and Services, Post Rock Motel, Main Street Laundromat and Lincoln Auto Supply.

Spear, who was born and raised on a family farm in Lincoln County, enjoys rural living and took an opportunity to open a business in his hometown. Once he did that, he decided to open other businesses in town.

“[Lisa and I are] both very work-motivated,” Spear said. “Lisa pretty much takes care of the motel.”

Spear said Simmons, who is originally from Newkirk, Oklahoma, but was born in Kansas, and her hard work is the “glue that holds it together.”

When Spear purchased the motel, he said one of the goals he had was to fix the sign, which is now beautifully restored with working neon.

Spear said he enjoys the towing work the most.

“It’s a challenge every time,” he said.

As for living close to family, Spear said, it “is a big plus.”

The couple, who have a one-year-old son named Axl, said “they enjoy the fact that most of the people they see, they know on a first name basis.”

“If I go in the gas station, I know 95 percent of the people there,” Simmons said. “It’s nice to be in a small town and I know the neighbors.”

Spear and Simmons also think Lincoln is a great location to own a business and raise a family.

They enjoy the community “where people care about the well being of the community and other local businesses.”

In addition, they said Lincoln is a great place due to the ability to instill positive values into youth with a good education at a safe school. Low crime rates and safe streets are also reasons the couple enjoy Lincoln.

S&S Autobody is located in Lincoln at 229 W. Lincoln Ave, with the Main Street Laundromat situated nearby at 232 W. Lincoln Ave., both near Highway 14. The Post Rock Motel is located right off Highway 18 at 1907 E. Highway 18. Lincoln Auto Supply’s address is at 201 E. Lincoln Ave.

By Hailey Dixon for the 2018 Live Lincoln County magazine

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