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“In the Wind” Mural at the Vesper Community Center

This large 800+ sq ft outdoor mural is a tribute to renewable wind energy which has been powering Lincoln County since the 19th century and is now providing power and economic benefits from a nearby modern wind farm. The mural also includes the old limestone Vesper school, a meadowlark, limestone post rock, local scenery, and the Kansas flag, which was originally designed by a Lincoln County native, Hazel Avery.

Created in 2023 by mural artist Matthew Miller. Viewable during daylight hours. See more information about the mural process at

Address: 120th Rd, Vesper, Kansas
Directions to Vesper: From Highway 18, turn south on 120th Rd. Approximately one-half mile south.

"In the Wind" mural at the Vesper Community Center
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