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New to the Live Lincoln County website? Don’t Worry!

This website is full of all kinds of features, stories, and tools to help you understand Lincoln County a little bit better.

It is perfectly understandable that one might find some of these features confusing, so don’t worry, we will hopefully explain everything on this page.

Also, if you see anything that you think needs to be changed or edited, please contact

Search Bar 

Click on the magnifying glass on the top right of the page.

Looking for a specific post? Try searching for it.

Our website contains businesses, new stories, job and property listings, events, and much more. Sometimes if you know what you are looking for it is easiest to just type it in the search bar.

The Menu

Located at the top right hand side of the page

The Menu is another way of navigating the website. Instead of searching for a specific item, the menu gives you the ability to search through specific sections of the website.

This can be very helpful if you don’t know the name of the post you are searching for, or if you just want to browse what we have available.

Look through the menu to see if you can find what you are trying to do. If at any time you want to go back to the home page, just click on our Logo on the upper left side.

Located on the Home Page

The Business Directory is another type of search tool offered. Find business hours, contact information, and products just by searching for what you want, or by sorting through the categories.

The business directory is located either on the home page or underneath Work in the Menu.

The Events Calendar is located under the Live tab on the Menu

The Events Calendar shows and keeps track of the public events happening in Lincoln County. Feel free to explore the calendar and check out some of the fun activities that might be happening in our area.

The events calendar has two views, a list view, and a calendar view. The list view might be better suited for mobile devices because of its layout. They both have the same information, so feel free to choose whichever one looks best to you.

You can also submit your own events to the calendar! Just use the button at the top of the Events page to get started. Scroll down to the forms area below for more information.

Located on the Home Page
Located on the Job Opportunites page under Live

The Job Opportunities lists the most recent Job Listings located in Lincoln County, or that could be performed from Lincoln County in the case of a remote job.

You can choose between part-time, full-time, or other jobs, and narrow down your search. Keep in mind though, we only post what we find out about, so please let us know if you are aware of anyone hiring .

The Job Opportunites page also has a link to submit your own job listings forms to the website. Employers are empowered to submit their own job listings, and please add an expiration date or let us know when your job has been filled. Scroll down to the forms area below for more information.

Property Listings

Housing Page under the Live tab on the menu
The Residential Properties page
Located on Home page

There are 4 types of property listings on Live Lincoln County.

Each of these listings provides a link to the website of the realtor that is selling the property. So feel free to explore and reach out to the appropriate contacts.

If you have your own listing, you are invited to submit those listings to our website also! Check out the forms area below for more information.


Housing Page under the Live tab on the menu
The Residential Properties page

There are 3 types of forms on Live Lincoln County. We have streamlined the forms as much as possible to help you get a listing submitted in no time! 

All form submissions will need to be reviewed by the Lincoln County Economic Development Foundation before going live. So know that it might take a little bit of time before your post will show up.

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