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Farm Food Policy Council

The Live Healthy Lincoln County Coalition is a member of the North Central Kansas Food Council promoting an approach to enhance quality of life for all residents in a 12-county region through sustainable access to regionally produced food options, economic opportunity, and educational resources.

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Objectives of the NCKFC:

  • Increase access to affordable, nutritious and safe food;
  • Enhance economic development and strengthen local food systems;
  • Bring stakeholders together and provide mechanisms for seeking advice and expertise;
  • Effect improvement in the health and well-being of all residents;
  • Encourage means for small business expansion and or development;
  • Partner with existing programs in North Central Kansas and state food policy organizations;
  • Facilitate educational opportunities;
  • Establish an online presence to educate and connect stakeholders;
  • Assess and prioritize the needs of the local food system.

History of the NCKFC:

  • 2014 – 2015: North Salina Community Development Local Food Promotion Planning Project
  • 2015: Live Well Saline County Interaction with NCRPC Executive Board and Executive Staff
  • 2016: NCRPC Development Team Interest and Exploration
  • January 2017: NCRPC Executive Board signs Resolution in support of the NCKFC
  • February 2017: First NCKFC Meeting at NCRPC
  • April 2017: Funding awarded from Live Well Saline County
  • May 2017: By-Laws Adopted
  • August/September 2017: Application to KAW/AHA for Food Assessment Phase 1 submitted and awarded ($20,000)
  • September 2017: Ellen Barber, Vice Chairman and Jennifer Simmelink, Secretary elected
  • October 2017: Brenda Gutierrez, Chairman elected; Food Assessment Project Kick-Off Meeting with Kolia Souza and Leon Atwell from ARPI


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