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Employee Recruitment Incentives

Individuals and families are seeking a better quality of life, where the cost of living isn’t so high, and health is a top priority. They aren’t just talking about a better life, they are packing up and moving to places where they feel safe and like they can make a difference. Rural communities in the Midwest are poised to welcome those individuals with open arms and take advantage of the opportunity to increase local population and tax base.

A better quality of life is not only a safe place that’s affordable, it also must include reliable high-speed internet, outdoor recreation opportunities, and a quality work culture and experience. Times of an individual loyally working for one employer for a 40-year career are waning. Increasingly, individuals are taking their skills and shopping around for the best places and best employment packages.

Lincoln County has multiple incentive programs for employers to offer competitive recruitment packages to potential employees, especially those new to the area. The traditional Employee Recruitment Grant program helps fill key positions in the community, Rural Opportunity Zone assistance is available to help with paying off college loans and also offers a tax break for those that qualify, and the Make My Move program recruits remote workers to the community on a competitive platform. 

Flyer/handout (PDF) employers can use for workforce recruitment

See more about the specific programs for new employees by clicking on a program below.  

Make My Move (Remote Work)

LCEDF is piloting a remote employee recruitment program, working with Indiana-based firm Make My Move. The online platform and marketing strategies engage remote employees that…
Rural Opportunity Zone (ROZ)

Rural Opportunity Zone

Lincoln County is one of 95 counties in Kansas participating in the state’s Rural Opportunity Zone (ROZ) program. The program provides financial incentives to recruit…

Incentive programs needed to level the playing field

New employee recruitment incentive programs recently launched by Lincoln County Economic Development Foundation, in partnership with Northwest Kansas Economic Innovation Center, Inc. (NWKEICI) and Make My Move, invite and encourage traditional and remote talent to bring their jobs and families, establish roots, and call Lincoln County home.

In 2022, LCEDF began working in collaboration with area key employers and partner organizations with an employee recruitment survey, community assets workshop, and analyzation of our current job openings, wages/salaries, and how long jobs have been advertised. After meeting with key employers to discuss the kinds of incentives that might help them attract employees to the area and fill their jobs, the LCEDF board determined the best approach is to have fewer employee recruitment grants at higher amounts, as opposed to slicing and dicing the funding into smaller, less attractive amounts.

The new incentive programs are designed to offset moving expenses and connect newcomers with local amenities. For the Employee Recruitment Grant program, six relocation and retention grants up to $10,000 are available for those moving from out of the northwest KS area to fill a qualifying position with wages at least $15.50/hour or $33,000/year, and continue living and working in Lincoln County for two years. Interested candidates should fill out an application at

As the pandemic wanes, remote work remains a permanent fixture in the American jobs landscape. Without an office to commute to, remote workers are re-evaluating where they live. With an ability to work from anywhere, these kinds of workers are increasingly on the move.

The Make My Move program aims to attract five remote workers to Lincoln County within 24 months using $5,000 relocation grants as part of a complete package that highlights our local quality of life, recreational opportunities, small-town safety, and neighborly character. Remote workers can check out the opportunities in Lincoln County at

The trend for individuals seeking the quality of life that comes with a rural lifestyle is already in motion. The imperative is to elevate our game to be competitive on the job front as much as possible, and incentives are one way to level the playing field. It’s a win-win when employers fill critical positions and local population and tax base grows.

Kelly Gourley, Executive Director
Lincoln County Economic Development Foundation
(785) 524-8954

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