Emergency Manager

Lincoln County is accepting applications for a Part-Time/Full-Time Optional Emergency Manager. This employee is responsible for providing direction and implementation of all aspects of emergency preparedness, including coordination of all public entities responding in times of disaster or emergency, training of personnel and conducting programs for the protection of lives and property from natural and man-made disasters and national security related events. The director oversees the smooth operation of the department and generates ideas to improve the overall methods of emergency response. This employee analyzes facts and makes sound judgments when performing day to day activities and in stressful emergency/disaster situations. This employee must possess excellent attention to detail, organizational, communication, and public relation skills. This employee must be able to work independently with only occasional supervision. This position must have or obtain a Kansas Emergency Manager Certificate within 2 years of employment.

Lincoln County
Sarah Hageman, Human Resource Officer
[email protected]
(785) 524-5232