Elijah & Lara Keever

Elijah & Lara Keever are Rural by Choice in Lincoln County, KS. (Photo by Tyler Gier)

Elijah & Lara Keever are Rural by Choice in Lincoln County, KS. (Photo by Tyler Gier)

While Elijah Keever grew up in a small, north-central Kansas town similar to Lincoln, his wife, Lara, made the switch from Boston-living to the rural lifestyle in Kansas.

The Keever couple, who have four children, Noah, 8, Jonah, 6, Caleb, 3, and David, three months, moved to Raleigh, North Carolina, less than a year after they were married, Lara said. They lived in North Carolina for four years prior to moving to Salina after the birth of their oldest son.

When Lara was younger, she lived in several places around the United States before residing in Boston when she was 11.

Currently, the family owns Keever Auto & Ag, and have done so for five years.

“We got to know some wonderful people here in Lincoln, and were given an opportunity to start a business,” Lara said.

Lara said she enjoys knowing several people throughout the county.

“My favorite thing about living in Lincoln County is that I actually know more people and have more close friends here in Lincoln County than I did from living in the suburbs of major cities,” she said.

The family loves the small community, and especially enjoys “wonderful community facilities and programs” like the Lincoln Recreation department, Finch Theatre and the Lincoln Art Center.

They said they also enjoy that Lincoln County is close to bigger cities for medical services and other similar aspects in larger, more populated areas.

Some of the other benefits of living in a small community are no traffic and safety outside for children, the family said.

“…Here you have a sense of belonging; you’re not just another face in the crowd,” Lara said. “You can drive across town without getting angry at the traffic, your kids can play outside safely, and you don’t waste hours every week standing in line or sitting in traffic. Life operates at a faster pace in the city, but just because you feel like you’re moving faster doesn’t mean you’re getting more accomplished.”

By Hailey Dixon for the 2018 Live Lincoln County magazine