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Data and Demographics for Lincoln County

DemographicsDevelopment Opportunity Profile for Lincoln County The Center for Rural Entrepreneurship provided the Lincoln County Economic Development Foundation an assessment of our local economic data and demographics and also identified potential opportunities for growth as part of our recent selection as an E-Community by Network Kansas.  The profile was completed in March, 2017.   US Census Bureau’s QuickFacts QuickFacts tables are summary profiles showing frequently requested data and demographics items from various Census Bureau programs. Profiles are available for the nation, states, counties, and places.   Kansas County Profile Reports The University of Kansas’s Institute for Policy & Social Research produces annual summary reports containing population, socioeconomic, and employment data and demographics for each Kansas county. It contains historical data on twelve major categories including: population, vital statistics and health, housing, education, social environment, business, employment, income, banking, government, crime, and agriculture.   Kansas Statistical Abstract An annual report comparing data on a state-wide level and between counties. Data comparisons include: population, vital statistics and health, housing, education, business and manufacturing, exports, employment, income, finance, state and local government, crime, recreation, communications, transportation, agriculture, climate, and energy and natural resources.   Highway Traffic Counts The Kansas Department of Transportation provides annual traffic counts for the state’s highway system.   ESRI Data Reports are based on thousands of data variables ranging from demographics and census to consumer spending and employment data as well as traffic counts. Please note: the reports below are for Lincoln County as a whole. Reports for specific communities may be generated by contacting the LCEDF office.   Kansas Housing Research Project – 2013 Housing Data Report for Lincoln County This 2013 Housing Data Report was prepared for Lincoln County as part of the Kansas Housing Research Project (KHRP). The KHRP is a public-private initiative sponsored by J. Van Sickle & Company (JVSCo) and involving the member communities of the Kansas Rural Housing Conference (KRHC). It is the mission of the KRHC to research, analyze, and disseminate information regarding Kansas rural housing in an effort to aid in effective public policy development by promoting data driven decision making.   Importance of the Health Care Sector to the Economy of Lincoln County A report that presents estimates of the economic contribution and the economic potential of the health care sector on the local economy. Kansas Rural Health Works created a report for each Kansas county. Funding for these reports was provided by the Kansas Hospital Association.   Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington analyzed the performance of all 3,143 US counties or county-equivalents in terms of alcohol use, life expectancy at birth, smoking prevalence, obesity, physical activity, and poverty using novel small area estimation techniques and the most up-to-date county-level information.  
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