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Concept for walking trail in Barnard

Through a grant from the Dane G. Hansen Foundation, the Lincoln County Economic Development Foundation was able to hire a summer intern to explore the idea of creating walking trails in Barnard and other places within the county.

Mason Herrman, a Regional & Community Planning student at Kansas State University, approached the City of Barnard and citizens through an open forum at Nancy’s Fancy’s about the idea.  Below is a summary of the ideas that includes utilizing the levee surrounding the community for the trail, adding benches and lighting and signage marking access points.

As background, in 2015 the Live Healthy Lincoln County (LHLC) coalition formed with the mission to improve the overall health of county residents.  In 2016, utilizing grant funding from a five county initiative referred to as the 1422 Grant, the LHLC hired RDG Planning & Design of Omaha, Nebraska, to help gather public input in order to identify strategic goals and direction for the group.  Various meetings with stakeholder groups were held across the county and a survey was conducted for broader perspective.  Out of this data gathering process, the top priority for the county was determined to be creating connectivity within each specific community, while also creating opportunities for walking.

Because the LCEDF was able to hire a summer intern through the Dane G. Hansen Foundation, Barnard was able to take the idea of creating connectivity and walkability and develop a conceptual plan that can be used for further planning and grant applications.

Full Report:  Barnard Trail Report 8-2017

walking trail in barnardwalking trail in barnard



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