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Communities in Lincoln County, Kansas

People choose to live in Lincoln County for a number of reasons. There is a small town atmosphere throughout Lincoln County communities, where neighbors are friendly and know one another, where children attend quality schools, and the crime rate is low. Beautiful native limestone structures, some more than a century old, and an agricultural-based economy that fuels the nation’s food supply add to the flavor and sense of community.

Living in Lincoln County means enjoying delicious meals at local soup suppers and game feeds, watching high school sporting events with family and friends, and experiencing the beauty of stunning sunsets as they paint the rolling hills of the Saline River Valley. Settled by true pioneers, the spirit of volunteerism and general goodwill is still alive in our communities. The all-volunteer fire departments and predominantly volunteer emergency medical services provide the best care in times of need.

Lincoln County is home to several small towns that feature rural living at its finest, with a variety of independently-owned stores and services. Lincoln is the county seat, and Barnard, Beverly, and Sylvan Grove each have an active local government body. Learn more about each community’s history and current happenings. 

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