Lincoln County Communities

People choose to live in Lincoln County for a number of reasons. There is a small town atmosphere throughout the county, where neighbors are friendly and know one another, where children attend quality schools, and the crime rate is low. Beautiful native limestone structures, some more than a century old, and an agricultural based economy that fuels the nation’s food supply add to the flavor and sense of community.

Living in Lincoln County means enjoying delicious meals at local soup suppers and game feeds, watching high school sporting events with family and friends, and experiencing the beauty of stunning sunsets as they paint the rolling hills of the Saline River Valley. Settled by true pioneers, the spirit of volunteerism and general good-will is still alive throughout the county. The all-volunteer fire departments and predominantly volunteer emergency medical services provide the best in emergency services.

Lincoln County is home to several small towns that feature country living at its finest, with a variety of independently owned retail shops and a number of home-grown entertainment options.

A small community in Salt Creek and Scott Townships in Lincoln County, Barnard is 10 miles north and 6 miles east of Lincoln. A quiet community now, Barnard was once home to the Barnard line of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad…
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Beverly, located on the eastern border of Lincoln County, was the first settlement in the county. Settled by Civil War veterans known as the “Colorado Boys” in 1865, the town was incorporated in 1905 as a third class city, located in Colorado Township. Once a thriving community…
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In northwestern Lincoln County, Denmark was settled by Danish immigrants along the banks of Spillman Creek. The first settlers arrived in 1869, and nearly all of them lost their lives in an Indian Raid in May of that year. In 1871 the ranks of Danish settlers grew. Many Denmark area residents are descendants of those early settlers, four and five generations later…
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Just east of the center of the county, the City of Lincoln Center is the county seat of Lincoln County, as well as the county’s commerce center. Plotted in 1871, Lincoln became a city of the third class in 1879. Lincoln’s business district is primarily located along Lincoln Avenue, and includes many of the city’s original native limestone buildings, but is also spread along Highways 14 and 18 that intersect the city…
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Sylvan Grove
Home of the Sylvan-Lucas Mustangs, Sylvan Grove is the second largest city in the county. Settlement began in 1867, and the town was platted in 1887. On the western edge of Lincoln County, Sylvan Grove is only 12 miles from Wilson Lake, where boating, swimming, fishing, hunting and camping are in abundance. Sylvan Grove is home to the Lincoln County Fairgrounds, where a four-day fair is held every year…
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Settlement began in the Vesper area, located in the southwest portion of Lincoln County, in 1869. The current Vesper townsite was named Nemo when it was founded in 1887. “Old Vesper” was a community located two miles west of Nemo. The post office was founded there in 1873. The townsite of Nemo was vacated in 1894…
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About 16 miles south and east of Lincoln is the city of Westfall. Located in Madison Township, on Elk Drive and 270th Road, Westfall is home to Shore Tire. The Westfall school, closed since 1973, was recently refurbished by the community with volunteer labor to house both the Westfall branch of the Beverly-Westfall fire department, and a community center that is available for both community and private events…
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