Cody Robison & Beranda Pickering


Cody Robison and Beranda Pickering are Rural by Choice. (Photo by Bree McReynolds-Baetz)

Cody and Beranda started BC Diesel in Lincoln less than a year ago and have already expanded to five full-time employees. Beranda says Lincoln County’s centralized location and proximity to major highways were two key selling points.

“As a native of Lincoln County, I knew how much this community had to offer both our business and our family,” Beranda said. “Lincoln’s central location, situated between Highways 14, 18, and I-70, provides direct access for all of our out of town customers while also allowing us to service the diesel needs of Lincoln County and the surrounding communities. After 10 years in the city, it was time for a change and for our family, and Lincoln County was hands down the place we wanted to call home and raise a family.”

While the county’s location was key in determining where to locate their new business, the quality of the people and the variety of activities, adds to the quality of life.

“Lincoln County is a friendly, welcoming, positive community,” Beranda said. “It is very easy to feel at home here. Even though it is a small county there is no lack of things to do. Whether it’s enjoying dinner and a movie with friends, participating in local sports or intramurals, attending one of the many festivals, heading to the lake, or enjoying a little hunting and fishing, there’s always something to do.”

The slower lifestyle is an added bonus, Beranda says, and why she, Cody, and two-year-old Knox choose to be “Rural by Choice.”

“A rural lifestyle is a lifestyle you can actually enjoy at a pace that YOU choose. It’s a place where you can fulfill your dreams and build a life full of value and meaning with the support of great people around you.”

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