Childcare Providers

Needed: Daycare providers!Lincoln County has a need for at least two to three full-time childcare providers in the Lincoln or Sylvan Grove areas for all ages including infants. Our current providers are well respected in the community; however, they are typically full and cannot accept any more children under their childcare license.  This provides a unique opportunity for an individual to start a business and be successful.

Benefits of owning and operating an in-home licensed daycare include: be your own boss, earn an income, gain tax write-offs for common household purchases (because they are critical for business operations), provide a positive and stable environment for children to grow and learn, provide a needed service to parents, and be an important part of a child’s life.

For individuals looking to start a business, there are many resources available to help you get started:

  1. Kansas Child Care Aware – Helps providers get started by offering training and certifications, assisting with planning and overcoming hurdles, and providing step-by-step assistance.  Once a provider is operating, they help refer parents to providers that have openings.
    1. Number of Childcare Facilities by County
    2. 2017 Child Care Supply Demand Profile for Lincoln County
    3. Tools that Support Businesses
    4. Types of Child Care
  2. Kansas Department of Health & Environment – Licenses childcare providers and inspects facilities to ensure a safe environment for children.  The Primary Child Care Facility Surveyor for Lincoln County is Mishele Longfellow with the Cloud County Health Department.  Call Mishele at 785-243-8140 or e-mail [email protected].
  3. Lincoln County Economic Development Foundation (LCEDF) – Works with existing daycare providers to understand issues and build a supportive environment for each other.  The LCEDF assists locals and helps direct entrepreneurs and small business owners to develop business plans and connect with financial resources.  The LCEDF has recently (November, 2016) completed a countywide survey to better understand the current and future childcare needs of parents and residents.  There were 73 responses.  To see results of the survey, please contact the LCEDF.



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