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Neighborhood Revitalization Plan for Lincoln & Sylvan Grove

Neighborhood Revitalization Program in Lincoln and Sylvan Grove, Kansas

The Neighborhood Revitalization Plan (NRP) program is intended to spur economic growth by providing a property tax rebate to property owners who make improvements to either their commercial or residential properties within the city limits of Lincoln or Sylvan Grove. The basic description of the program is listed below; however, please see the attachments for …

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Low-Interest Loan Funds

The Lincoln County Economic Development Foundation (LCEDF) administer’s two low-interest loan fund pools, one utilizing USDA Rural Business Enterprise Grant funding and the other through Network Kansas’s E-Community program. The loan funds are used to support the creation or expansion of businesses within the county.  The loan program is designed to be used in conjunction …

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Business Revitalization Grants

The Business Revitalization Grant (BRG) program supports local businesses by assisting with physical exterior improvements and upgrades to existing commercial properties.

Rural Opportunity Zone

Rural Opportunity Zone Business Sponsorship Grants

Lincoln County is one of 77 counties in Kansas participating in the state’s Rural Opportunity Zone (ROZ) program. The program provides financial incentives to recruit new full-time residents into rural counties. There are two types of ROZ programs with a brief description of each listed below.  An individual who qualifies for both incentives can receive …

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WEB Fund Grants

The Windpower Economic Benefit (WEB) Fund was created to support the interests, educational, social betterment and overall safety of Lincoln County communities, non-profits, and the local county government. The WEB Fund contributes to local projects with preference given to projects that identifies a distinct need, proposes a resourceful approach to address the need, and demonstrates …

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Other Sources of Financing and Incentives

There are many other sources of financing and incentives that can be made available to businesses, organizations, and individuals depending on their needs. The most common options are listed below; however, please contact the Lincoln County Economic Development Foundation (LCEDF) office for more specifics as every need is unique. The LCEDF office is located at …

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