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Historic Highlights of Lincoln County, KS


This brochure, printed in 2001 by the Lincoln Art Center, is an adaptation of a 1937 original edition by Frank Arlo Cooper (1904-1968). It includes a hand-drawn map of many historical markers and locations of historical significance in Lincoln County.

Jim Dickerman’s “Open Range Zoo”

Jim Dickerman is a local artist who has dotted the landscape with his creations made from just about anything including old farm equipment, car parts, scrap metal, animal bones and feathers, driftwood, limestone, and antlers.  You have to keep your eyes open and alert as creatures in his “Open Range Zoo” pop up in unexpected …

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Self-Guided Tour – Denmark/Ash Grove

Click here to view the Self-Guided Tour Map (PDF) A. Goldenrod Elevator was built in the early ’50’s. This privately owned grain elevator is a small version of grain storage giants found in Lincoln and other towns. B. Simmons Cemetery is a small burial plot bounded by 4 limestone posts and built on the Simmons …

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