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The Stodola, LLC

The Stodola, LLC, limestone barn renovated into an Airbnb near Sylvan Grove, KS and Wilson Lake.

You’ll have plenty to enjoy at this historic place located just 2.5 miles from Wilson Lake. The Stodola was originally built in 1910 as a dairy barn. (In fact, the word “stodola” means “barn” in Czech.) The Stodola, LLC was established in 2023 with a full renovation of the building and the homestead. Come stay and share all the amenities that country life has to offer!

The Stodola, LLC, is located on a 5-acre homestead about 2.5 miles from Wilson lake. The homestead is inhabited by the Stoppel family along with their goats, cows, dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, and a turkey! Located on a hill, the views of the countryside are amazing.

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Sylvan Grove, KS 67481 


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