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Lincoln Center Improvement Committee

Lincoln PRIDE group flower pots and benches in downtown Lincoln, Kansas

The Lincoln Center Improvement Committee (formerly known as the Lincoln PRIDE Committee) is a volunteer-driven organization dedicated to improving our community by fostering a sense of pride among residents.  Projects since 2016 have included:

  • Recognizing those who volunteer their time in the community.
  • Planting flowers in the city park and also putting benches and planters in downtown Lincoln (and keeping those flowers looking good throughout the seasons).
  • Recognizing residents who take care of their yards.
  • A Christmas lights contest.
  • Helping with cleaning up dilapidated and vacant properties.
  • First Fridays summer festivals.
  • An ADA-compliant swing and Musical Instruments for the City Park.
  • Duck Races during the Post Rock Festival.
  • Community clean-up days.
  • Helping area youth with community service projects.

The Lincoln PRIDE Program is always looking for volunteers to join the committee. If you have PRIDE in our community and would like to share your time and ideas to improve the community we would love for you to either join and participate in our projects. For more information, contact Lisa!

Mission: To promote an enhanced quality of life for citizens of Lincoln through education, leadership development, and recognition.

Contact Info: Lisa Feldkamp, 785-384-0074, or email

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