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Business Revitalization Grants

The Business Revitalization Grant (BRG) program is intended to support local businesses by assisting with physical exterior improvements and upgrades to existing commercial properties.  By improving the appearance and functionality of individual businesses, over time the appearance of our overall county will improve leading to the stabilization and growth of property values.


  1. Any business in Lincoln County is eligible to apply.  Because non-profit organizations have access to grant funds through various foundations and/or other entities that for-profit businesses cannot qualify for, non-profits are not eligible for the BRG program.
  2. The BRG will assist with exterior improvements only.  Because the BRG is a competitive grant program, high-impact and highly visible improvements will take precedent over those that have a lesser impact from the public realm.  Exterior improvements must not remove or alter historic elements which add to a building’s overall historic character.
  3. The maximum grant will not exceed $1,000 and requires a 1:1 match from the applicant.  Sweat equity is encouraged in order to allow funding to be stretched further, but it will not be considered as a match.  Grant funds are distributed as a reimbursement of costs paid by the applicant.
  4. Schematic and/or detailed construction drawings of the proposed improvements and cost estimates are required.
  5. Any work already completed or underway before the BRG application is reviewed and approved will not be reimbursed or count towards the applicant’s match.
  6. Grant recipients are required to purchase supplies/services needed for the improvements at a Lincoln County business (where applicable).
  7. All applicants must be current on their taxes and utilities.


  1. Applicants must complete the BRG application, submit all required information and return it to the LCEDF office.
  2. Applications are reviewed and approved by the LCEDF’s Board of Trustees at their next scheduled meeting.
  3. Grant applicants are notified in writing whether they were approved or not and the process with which they can be reimbursed for their expenses.
  4. After being approved, grant recipients may move forward with their project as submitted and described in their application.
  5. The initial cost of all improvements must be paid by the grant recipients.
  6. Once the project is completed, grant recipients must submit proof of completed work along with receipts verifying total costs and local business patronage.
  7. Once the work and receipts are verified the LCEDF will distribute the appropriate grant funds as reimbursement.


If you have questions on the BRG guidelines, application or process, please contact Kelly Larson, Director of the Lincoln County Economic Development Foundation, at 785-524-8954, by email:, or stop by the office in the basement of the county courthouse at 216 E. Lincoln Avenue, Lincoln, KS  67455.



Business revitalization grants
Family Hair Flair 2 utilized the BRG program to paint and install a new awning.
Business revitalization grants
The Post Rock Motel utilized the BRG program to refurbish the 1950’s era neon sign along Hwy 18. (Photo courtesy Lisa Simmons)
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