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Barnard Barn Quilts

Barb Rathbun, along with several other volunteers, painted 2 barn quilts on the garage doors next to Barnard city hall office. In 2023, the white walls were refreshed around the barn quilts.

Also in 2023, the barn quilt project expanded when Nancy Houghton painted the side of the Nancy’s Fancys building green, and hosted barn quilt classes. Volunteers and Nancy’s family created large and small barn quilts to hang.

Viewable during daylight hours.

Address: 314 Main St., Barnard, Kansas
Directions to Barnard: Drive north from Lincoln on Highway 14 approximately 9.5 miles, turn east on Highway 284 and proceed approximately 5.5 miles to Barnard.

Barn quilts adorn the side of Nancy's Fancys in Barnard, Kansas
Barnard Cleanup and Barn Quilts
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