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The Sentinel-Republican celebrates 125 years of news

By John Baetz

As we enter 2012, The Lincoln Sentinel-Republican is celebrating a significant milestone, its 125th year of publication.
According to an article from the Jan. 28, 1988, issue of the Sentinel-Republican the Sentinel traces its roots to the Sylvan Grove Sentinel's first edition of July 28, 1887, while the Republican was first published Jan. 20, 1886. The article goes on to say the newspaper's existence "can be traced back another 13 or 14 years to 1874-75."
According to the Sentinel-Republican article of 1988, the Sylvan Grove Sentinel was first published by Wallace Harry Pilcher, a native of England, and was moved to Lincoln by Ira Troup seven years later.
The Blue Skyways website ( indicates  the Lincoln Republican was published from early 1886 until the Sentinel and Republican were consolidated Nov. 26, 1925.
The Lincoln Sentinel changed hands many times between 1904 and 1911, according to the 1988 Sentinel-Republican article. Winslow Cipra became its editor and publisher in 1911 and bought out his competition, the Lincoln Republican, in November of 1925.
So, 2012 is a celebration of only 87 years of publishing the consolidated Sentinel-Repulican, but 125 years since the first publication of the two newspapers that eventually consolidated to make Lincoln county's oldest and longest running newspaper.
One long party
The Lincoln Sentinel-Republican's current staff plans to celebrate the milestone birthday party for much of 2012 with special articles taking a look at the history of one of the county's most important institutions along with advertising specials, contests and special events.
This year will also usher in the Sentinel-Republican's new product, Live Lincoln County.
The comprehensive website and full color magazine will showcase Lincoln county with the website scheduled to go live in just a few days.
Check back weekly throughout the year for articles and information about the Sentinel-Republican's 125th celebration.
A message from publisher John Baetz
My wife Bree and I are thrilled to be a part of the tradition of high quality journalism provided by one of the county's oldest and most well respected institutions.
For over eight years now we have owned and operated the Sentinel-Republican with pride, and even as we purchased the paper from Harry McGrath and Dale Worley in January of 2004 we looked forward to 2012 as a year of celebration for the county's official newspaper.
I still remember coming in to town for the first time in 2001 to take over as the managing editor of the Sentinel-Republican and the wonderful welcome I received from so many local residents, many of whom are now friends.
In 2012 we hope to continue to provide a high quality weekly newspaper but we look forward to developing an expanded presence on the web, including our project, and we hope to continue to provide news and photographs that will entertain and inform our loyal readers.
Please let us know what you would like to see from your paper. E-mail your suggestions to

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